Men Hot Stone Massage Article

Have you ever had one of those weeks? Your boss has been pushing you hard, the project is running late and the client is throwing their toys. What do you do to unwind? Well, you go get yourself a lunchtime Hot Stone Massage with Andrea.

I have been going to Andrea for body waxing and had been telling her about my week. She persuaded me to try her new Hot Stone Massage.

It not something I had ever thought about having done, to be honest I had never heard of it before. But really cold stones over your eyes is very nice. The rest of my body was lying on a row of hot stones under my upper back muscles.

Relaxing is only part of it. Andrea was massaging my neck with a hot stone and she had applied enough pressure to my tight neck muscles, just enough to really get them to loosen up but just before my pain threshold.

When I first saw her laying them on the bed I thought that is gonna hurt. But surprisingly is doesn’t. You can just feel the heat slowly rise and warm your muscles.

My neck and shoulders were then massage with some more hot stones followed by a full upper back massage. You should go and check this one out. Should improve my golf swing this weekend.

Written by David IT Consultant Wellington

* Hot stone massage – 1 hour 30 mins $120
Bookings txt any time on 021 230 0041
* valid only for Wellington branch