Men Waxing Article

Yes! Men do have waxing done!

Most find it is because they either hate the amount of hair on their bodies or they have so little it may as well be removed completely. It’s a simple procedure and not as painful as many believe. With an experienced waxing professional you can enjoy the benefits without feeling uncomfortable. Read David’s experience.

Hi All you budding waxing clients. I thought it would be great to hear a man’s perspective about my waxing treatments at Andrea’s Beauty studio.

Firstly, I was recommended to go by my wife who had been having her waxing done for about six months with Andrea. My wife had been moaning, not unusual I hear you say, that although I was getting rid of the unwanted body hair I was using the wrong technique. I have always hated the small amount of chest hair and had starting with plucking them individually as and when they sprouted up. It takes time and leaves a horrible red mess after. The worse bit, she tells me, is when they grow back they are spikey and look worse than if I did not pluck them at all. So, basically I was making a right mess of the whole thing. Hence she made me an appointment with Andrea.

My first visit I was feared with trepidation, as I have and so no doubt have you seen all those comedy sketches about men being waxed , the braver they are the louder they scream! Well, I can assure you it’s not THAT painful.

A quick application of talcum powder to my skin, then an application of olive oil wax followed by the dabbing of the cloth strips. These are pulled off so quickly you do not have time to notice the tingling sensation. Andrea made sure I held my skin tight, this helps lessen the anticipation and the friction. I’ll admit some areas are more sensitive than others. But, the results are 4-6 weeks of smooth skin and a happy wife.

Now she has asked me to get the other areas done which I have been using a depilatory cream to remove those unwanted areas. I was a little unsure but was surprised to be told that although I am impressed with her Brazilian and get the pleasure to boot. She is still getting the prickly results from my depilatory cream and I hate the smell it produces for what seems like days after.

Given a small pair of paper brief I laid ready with a towel draped over my bits. I was comfortable with Andrea’s technique as she managed to wax all my private bits without so much as a peak!

Andrea and I were talking about how hair grows in the most weirdest of places when you get older. She then explained that she could remove the nasal and hair from my ears if I liked. No more nose clipper which I hate as I always reminds me of Arnie in Total Recall when he puts that thing up his nose and takes out the bugging device, ouch.

It’s a simple procedure and it took 10 mins to wax out the bottom layer of hairs out of my nose. Wow, I look younger already. Andrea insisted we do not put these images on the website as it’s her special technique she has mastered.

Well, I hope that put a different view on your thoughts about being waxed and you give Andrea a call on 0800 dobrazil or txt on 021 230 0041 for bookings.

Written by
David IT Consultant Wellington