Sugaring & Skin Wax


Natural Formulation made in New Zealand with no resins or chemicals.

Skin is left soft, clean and smooth with no need for post hair removal treatment.

Applied warm so cannot cause burning (if applied correctly) and suitable for sensitive skin.

This is a luxurious treatment. It uses Manuka Honey, which is rich in protein minerals and vitamins with antibacterial properties, to protect and heal sensitive skin. The captivating sweet fragrance of Manuka honey adds a new dimension to the hair removal experience. In addition the gel contains the skin enhancers kiwifruit, aloe vera and lemon juice. We use strips to remove the hair. We do not work with the ‘Sugar Bowls’ technique due to hygienic reasons.

Skin Wax

Most people think that sugaring will hurt less, but did you know that skin waxing can be PAIN-FREE? This is all due to the techniques and products used by Andrea and her staff.

Skin waxing is made to remove the coarse hairs, leave the skin soft, smooth and have long-last results. Skin waxing softens the skin just like sugaring however, it is best for extremely sensitive skin. Skin wax takes out the hair follicles and it also reduces redness. This results in significantly less pain, as indicated by a first time waxer.

Sugaring or a hot wax? – therapist will assess the best procedure for your needs.